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We offer clones, seeds, crop shares, consultation for all aspects of Industrial Hemp with a focus on the growing of medicinal grade high CBD hemp, along with Hemp educational seminars or lectures on the use of CBD and sustainable farming practices.

Clones for 2019 Season

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, it is expected that there will be an influx in the farming and production of hemp and hemp CBD products.  Plan ahead, pre-order your clones now so that you don't miss out when there are shortages.

Use contact form to get prices and reserve your clones.

Display their FAQs

Have strains been tested and known to stay below legal THC limits of .3?            Yes, but plant potency may vary.

Is hemp drought resistant?    Hemp is needs about a third less water than corn or wheat, however if you are growing high CBD medical strains, to be successful and produce a quality product, you must provide water and nutrients, whether through mulch, mulch teas, or some kind of composting.